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a gentle pace

Infant Loss

Hi there,


My name is Sophia, the founder of a gentle pace. 

The inspiration behind a gentle pace was shaped by my own healing journey after experiencing the loss of my baby daughter.

Navigating life after a baby loss made me realised the limitation of resources on grief, especially for bereaved parents. Grief, I've learned, is really just love. Losing a baby is one of the deepest sorrows a heart can know as it goes against the natural order of life.

It is during these darkest nights of my soul, that I began looking into community care resources using the knowledge I have gained over the years as a wellness practitioner. This will later become the backbone of a gentle pace, one which is deeply rooted in compassion and understanding because I know what it is like to live with big feelings. 


I also hope you will find this as a source of comfort to know that moving forward with life where grief and joy co-exist, is possible. As long as we have the courage to walk through it. 

At a gentle pace, it is our vision to empower individuals to take ownership of their wellness. We hope to be a sanctuary where individuals can explore the concept of intentional living and for anyone who may be going through the complexities of grief, anxiety or fears in their fertility journey.


Using a harmonious blend of yoga, sound therapy and life coaching, we will guide you towards moments of pause, where you can simply breathe, heal, and thrive no matter which season of life you find yourself in.

"Love and understanding are the lotuses that bloom from the mud of suffering. Without the mud, there is no lotus flower. The lotus needs mud to grow. Understanding and compassion are possible only when we've come in touch with suffering."

- Thich Nhat Hanh (No Mud, No Lotus)

our story
Wherever you are, you can choose to begin again.
Start by choosing to be in your joy, to love and nurture yourself tenderly.

Allow yourself to immerse in the vibrations of the Himalayan Singing Bowls for a deeply nourishing and healing experience. Each sound healing session will help to release trapped energy stored around our bodies.

Restorative Yoga

Allow yourself to create

movement through yoga as a powerful way to shift your mood and energy. Each practice will encourage us to take time to listen to our body, breathe and move in ways that feels good to us.

Life Coaching

Allow yourself to be supported by a coach that empowers you to get more clarity on your inner GPS. Each coaching session will guide you to tune inward and discover the next step to living your intentional life.

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About Sophia

2023 | Mindvalley Coaching Certification, MindValley

2023 | Certified PA Trainer, People's Association

2022 | Singing Bowl Practioner Training Course, The 1 Space

2022 | Usui Reiki Ryoho (Level 1 and 2), Reiki Glow Singapore

2022 | 50-Hour Restorative Yoga Level 1 Certification, AT Yoga

2020 | 50-Hour Yin Yoga Certification, With-Yin Yoga

2019 | 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training, Space & Light Yoga 

2019 | 25-Hour Yin Fascial Certification, Dynamic Spiral & Yin Fascial Yoga

Corporate Soundbath
Sophia holds space with a gentle and nurturing energy. During my private restorative yoga session with her, I was led into a deep state of rest and calm. She was attentive to my body’s needs and skillfully adjusted the poses accordingly to meet me where I was at. I received so much through the session and thoroughly recommend it for anyone who wants to experience deep, conscious rest.

Stephanie Leong, Soma Psyche Alchemy

Testimonial Soma Psyche Alchemy

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we're here to support anyone who's looking to journey inwards.

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